ERIE, PA – The Transition Advisory Committees for Governor-Elect Josh Shapiro and Lieutenant Governor-Elect have been announced and Dr. Chris Gray, President of Erie County Community College, has been appointed a member of the Higher Education committee of the Education and Workforce group chaired by Patrick Gallagher, Chancellor at the University of Pittsburgh.

The transition team is built of Pennsylvania leaders around the region that are experts in different areas concerning policy. Pushing the Commonwealth forward in public safety and economic development is key to this Administration. Gray has been appointed to the Education/Workforce committee.

“I look forward to working with this committee and assisting with the transition and representing Erie County and the community colleges As Pennsylvania’s newest community college, we have worked closely with the Board of Education and the Pennsylvania Department of Education,” says Gray. “This is important work, as education and workforce are key to our commonwealth.” Others on the committee include Elizabeth Bolden, President & CEO, Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges as well as college and university presidents.

This is Gray’s first gubernatorial appointment as President of EC3 and is the only community college president to serve on this committee.