Education Pathways: Associate Degrees & Certificate Programs

A diverse group of happy students.

Interested in associate degrees or earning a certificate? Earning a two-year associate degree is an affordable, effective, and flexible way to advance your career. Similarly, obtaining a professional certificate can set you apart in the job market. No matter what educational pathway you choose, Erie County Community College (EC3) designed all of our programs to be:

  • Flexible: We understand the challenges of balancing work, life, and education. To help ensure that a demanding schedule doesn’t impact the quality of your education, we’ve designed our programs to be accommodating to everyone. With online and in-person options available, you can tailor your education to your individual needs.
  • Affordable: EC3 prides itself on its ability to offer cost-effective, high-quality alternatives to a four-year institution that are accessible to all. Not only are our programs affordable, but our curriculum aligns with the emergent needs of high-paying employers in Erie County.
  • Supportive: Our staff is always here to help you with enrollment, ongoing classroom success, individual academic goals, and career exploration. You can access our student services in person or virtually by appointment.
  • Valuable: Receiving an education through EC3 opens up the doors to an array of new career opportunities. You’ll gain essential real-world skills and experience that differentiate you from other candidates and show prospective employers that you’re driven, disciplined, and motivated.

Associate Degree Programs at EC3

Whether you want to jump right into the workforce or work toward attending a four-year institution, EC3 has the programs you need to be successful. Our degrees and certificates are organized into career clusters to help you determine the best path toward meeting your academic and professional goals. The career clusters and programs include:

Certificate Programs

EC3 designed our certificate programs to provide students with the specialized skills and knowledge employers need in high-demand fields. These programs are ideal for individuals looking to enter the workforce quickly, enhance their skill set, or change careers. Industry leaders recognize EC3’s certificates and trust the aptitude and talent of those who complete our programs.

General Education Requirements

Exploration is a vital component of the community college experience. In each of the associate degrees offered at EC3, you will find general education requirements. These required courses allow you to explore your interests and passions while progressing toward the successful completion of the degree you ultimately select. For more information on general education categories and courses, visit General Education Requirements.