Support EC3 Students

Thank you for your interest in supporting Erie County Community College Students.

The EC3 Board of Trustees established the Erie County Community College Foundation on April 29, 2024. This advisory group serves to advance the mission through the development of relationships with funders, alumni, and the public at large.

The Foundation will work to maximize philanthropic support for the College. We invite all individuals and corporations to support EC3 students by giving to the foundation, establish a legacy gift and enlist the support of EC3 alumni.

The Foundation supports the mission and vision of the College.

The Foundation can be effective in the lives of our students thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents, community friends, private foundations, and corporations. To see how you can help and discuss how your gift can be most meaningful to you, contact the Foundation. Call: 814-413-7028 Email:


The EC3 Foundation Advisory Group is the very heartbeat of EC3’s culture of philanthropy. It is their support that provides access and advancement for EC3 students.  

To learn more about the foundation click the link below. 


It’s all because of you! Your generosity enables EC3 students to access education, to learn, and thrive. By investing in EC3 students, you’re not only fostering social good but also boosting Erie County’s economy. This transformative support extends beyond the students to positively impact their families and therefore the entire community.

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Connect, engage and empower the EC3 community by sharing your experience with fellow alumni, friends and students.  Your story is important to tell to unveil your success. 

Learn about the alumni relations, news, and events at the link below.


As Erie County Community College expands to meet the evolving needs of our students and supports them in reaching their goals, our community is called upon to help future students. With your legacy of giving, the positive effects will benefit students long term.

Discover more about planned giving and leaving your legacy.

The Flat Tire Story 

There is power in your giving. Dr. Chris Gray, Founding President of EC3, tells a story about what a flat tire could mean for one of our students. At EC3, we never want that to be the reason someone stops pursuing the education that will make a better life for themselves and their family.