How to Get Ready for Class at EC3

prepare for community college classes
  1. Apply for admission here.
  2. Set up and “authenticate” your MyEC3 student account. Once accepted, you will receive an email with your student username and instructions on how to set up your student account and make sure it is secure. You will need to download The Microsoft Authenticator App onto your phone or choose other methods to secure your account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll log in to > look for “Resources” and click on “MyEC3.”
  3. Complete academic placement. We want you to be successful in your courses, so we’re asking that you take assessments that will tell you which Math and English level you should start in. You will receive an email explaining the placement assessment. If you have taken college-level English and Math, you can bypass this step by emailing your transcripts to Don’t let the assessments intimidate you; they are only in place to help you succeed!
  4. Finish setting up your Workday student account. Complete the residency questionnaire in your account (this is important to ensure your tuition and fees are correct!). There will be other tasks awaiting you concerning your Emergency Contacts and Privacy Settings that you should do as well.
  5. Review what courses you should take. Look at the course requirements for the degrees and plan what courses you’d like to take. We’ve made some course recommendations for you to ensure you’re making progress toward your degree. You can also reach out via email to if you’d like assistance in choosing the right course(s).
  6. Register for classes. You will receive an email letting you know when registration is open! Learn more about registering, dropping, and swapping classes here.
  7. Pay your fees (and tuition if you don’t meet residency requirements). You’ll receive a bill in your MyEC3@workday app. We will also send an email alerting you. If you feel can illustrate financial hardship and need, reach out to and we’ll send you an application for a waiver scholarship.
  8. Get your Student ID. Your Student ID may be used to ensure access to college buildings and classrooms. Students may also input their Erie County Public Library (ECPL) card number on their digital card in order to access library resources from ECPL, Edinboro University, and Penn State Behrend. Detailed instructions for securing your ID will be emailed after you pay your fees.
  9. Buy your books. In your MyEC3 apps, you will see the Barnes and Noble College App. You can see what books are required for your courses. Once you know what books you need for class, you can order your book here. Keep in mind that many of our classes have OER which stands for Open Educational Resources. This allows our students access to free textbooks and course materials for our students.
  10. Attend class! We’re looking forward to having you as a student at EC3!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or at 814-413-7000.