Toni Mazanowski

toni mazanowski, full time cis faculty at ec3

Toni Mazanowski: Computer Information, Systems & Information Technology Professor

Toni Mazanowski earned her degrees at Tri-State Business Institute and Western Governors University. She has additionally taught at the Fortis Institute, the Erie Institute of Technology, and Erie County Technical School. 

Toni Mazanowski was raised in both California and Erie, with parents in both locations. She enjoys going on wild adventures – everything from camping to kayaking to Bigfoot festivals to ghost hunting. Toni is also a docent at local museums and loves to partake in reenactments and historical cosplay.

She would like her students to recognize the diversity at EC3 as an all-inclusive place of learning. Toni believes this is easily one of the most welcoming places she’s ever worked. 

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